2019 Themes

January / February
Optimizing Employee Productivity

Hiring employees involves a big investment of time and money. That’s why it’s important to make sure you get the right people. To keep employees and ensure their loyalty, you need the best strategies, like developing a corporate culture that ensures an enjoyable work environment. In this feature, entrepreneurs and specialists in the field share their experience and expertise to help you get the best from your firm’s workforce.

March / April
Eyewear for Seniors

Who says eyewear for seniors has to be boring? Today’s seniors want to look great while also seeing well. This feature look at the eyewear needs of this large – and growing – demographic. How can ECPs best respond to those needs? What are the challenges, specific services and targeted products designed for this segment of the eyewear market?

May / June
Special Design in Eyewear

Say goodbye to retro and hello to the imagination and technical wizardry of some exciting, new eyewear designers. They are renewing the eyewear field by mixing inventive forms, cutting-edge technology, and the lightest new materials to create increased comfort and stunning visual effects. In this feature, we explore the latest creations from these ingenious designers.

July / August
New Generation Eyewear Stores

Design helps to create the distinctive image of a business. fIt is a marketing tool that generates a consumer response and attracts attention. What will tomorrow’s optical point of sale look like with the evolution of retail, which is evolving through a web presence and a work that focuses on the positive consumer experience?


September / October
New Trends in Women’s Eyewear

What’s in store for women’s eyewear this year? Audacity! Here’s a look at the latest trends for women who are bold and dare to wear what designers imagine for them.


November / December
Special Silmo

A “must” attend event for everyone who works in the eyewear business, Silmo Paris is the place to see the latest in innovation. This feature explores the latest fashion trends, including materials, shapes and colours. Which designers stand out and why?