2018 Themes

January / February
Consumers’ purchasing act: between indifference and the desire to consume
How can we better define today’s consumer and predict tomorrow’s consumer? The act of purchase often embodies for the consumer the multiple facets of the society. It’s already the case with the vogue of fair trade. New products, new services, new spaces, and new approaches to trade: is it true that innovation seems to be the answer to the many developments of consumers?

En Vogue: Sun! Sun! Sunglasses for everyone and all tastes

March / April
These Opticians’ eyeglass designers
Many opticians, through their practice, decided to make the leap on the creative side. In this feature, we present you some of them very inspired and perfectly aware of what their customers want. What are their motives? Which sources do they inspire? Why focus on certain materials rather than others? What are the biggest difficulties and especially what do wearers want?

En Vogue: Sports Eyewear, for all sporting disciplines


May / June
Sports glasses: each his frame!
Know the importance of wearing glasses during sports performances allows to target the specific needs of the athlete. The colour of the lenses like the yellow is perfect for a mountain bike ride because it will increase visibility in the fog or those that will help to better discern contrasts in a green environment like for the golf. How to understand the idea behind the eyewear, whether for violent sports or those designed for the protection of frequent impacts? Specialists in the field open the doors to their design workshops.

En Vogue: Designer Eyewear, where prowess and technology meets!


July / August
How to choose the location of your business
What is the recipe for success for a store? « The location, the location and again the location », says the old adage. Neighborhood attractiveness, accessibility, pedestrian flows, area, here are the points to consider to find the right location, the one that will allow your business to grow. Our advice for choosing the location of its business.

En Vogue: Back to school, for kids and teens.

September / October
Teenager frames, a market to redefine
When it comes to choosing their eyeglasses or their sunglasses, teenagers prefer the compliance: comfort, quality and solidity and sometimes… stand out from the crowd! How to define this surprising young clientele both permeable to new trends and concerned about its appearance? The designers had not forgotten them and offer them many models to seduce them.

En Vogue: Chic materials and fine looks


November / December
Is there a real market for eco-friendly eyeglasses?
Pushed to make an effort in the control of polluting discharges, the optical industry has developed new manufacturing concepts to preserve the environment and emitting fewer greenhouse gases. More and more manufacturers are finding solutions that appeal to the consumer attracted by this concept and by fair trade. Can we talk here of market blossoming for this product or a mere curiosity that is marginal? Distributors, Opticians, Optometrists and Specialists situate the importance of this product on the optical market.

En Vogue: The most beautiful eyewear featured in 2018 international shows!