2021 Themes

January / February
Models and lenses for athletes

The sports eyewear segment, despite a constantly evolving offer, remains under-exploited by opticians. However, given the number of sports enthusiasts in Quebec, it has significant potential and is proving to be a promising market for clinics that have chosen to take an interest in it. To better identify its assets and the conditions that allow it to develop successfully, discover what the market has to offer from lens designers and manufacturers.

En Vogue: German eyewear

March / April
Optical shows in America and Europe, how to reinvent oneself in times of COVID-19? What goals and missions for 2021?

The international shows take place annually at specific times such as winter, fall or spring. The optical industry takes advantage of this opportunity to present its products, to exchange and feel the current trends. Each trade show has its own personality and participants are looking for business opportunities. How can we remain international and stay on course despite COVID-19? Discussion on the thoughts of some of the leaders of the world’s largest optical trade shows.

En Vogue: Coloured Eyewear

May / June
Was the confinement harmful to the eyesight of Quebecers? How can we encourage clients to visit eye care professionals during periods of confinement?

Confinement has profoundly changed our lifestyles: remote work, home schooling, connected leisure activities, our activities have all had recourse to one and the same meaning, often to its detriment: sight. People have increased the amount of time they spend in front of screens and have not slowed down in their practices, thus increasing the risks of visual fatigue or the development of myopia, which is already on the rise. More visual health problems in sight?

En Vogue: Young designers’ eyewear

July / August
Low vision, how to address this problem with patients?

People with low vision experience situations of disability in their daily activities. What role should the optometrist play in such delicate situations? How to intervene adequately and refer the patient to an optometrist specialized in low vision, an ophthalmologist, an occupational therapist, or a social worker in order to preserve the patient’s autonomy and quality of life?

En Vogue: Sunwear

September / October
Join a buying group or stay independent? A look at comparative advantages

Where did the idea of creating a buying group in Quebec come from? Interviews with the creators of some of these models and with the professionals who decided to join. Why do professionals prefer to set up their own business structure and not join buying groups? What are the advantages and motivations for everyone? Some portraits of eyecare professionals in Quebec.

En Vogue: Limited editions

November / December
Shortage of opticians and optometrists in clinics. Where are they? Why are they dropping out of practice? Why does the problem persist?

Five years ago, we addressed this subject in our pages in the hope that the problem of shortage of eye care professionals in Quebec would diminish.
Every year, however, schools train their contingent of opticians and optometrists. What are the reasons for the difficulty in recruiting in clinics? Is this difficulty more prevalent in the regions? How can we develop employee retention strategies?

En Vogue: Custom-made eyewear